About Us

Reopened in 2018, Chess Club UNLV is the one place for all things chess in UNLV. At our club, we play chess both casually and in tournaments. We welcome all players, both beginners and advanced players, and we have free lessons and after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, we will continue to host consistent meetups so we can play and talk about chess! Even if you have never played a game of chess, we encourage you to join and learn!



We host chess tournaments that are open to anyone who wishes to play! These tournaments are hosted on Lichess and streamed on the Chess Club's Twitch page. If you want to play, please send your email through the form above, and you will get emails when tournaments go live!


We also hold lessons, led by our president Kevin! We use Chess.com's lessons from our free diamond membership Chess.com has provided for us. We use discord (linked below) to communicate. You can also reach out to Kevin directly for private lessons. We don't neglect the beginners!

Chessable Study

We use Chessable.com to get more in depth lessons on Chess. On Chessable, there are many courses that allow players to get specific training on various openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.


Email: chessclub@unlv.edu